Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cheat Spongebob Squarepants:Creature From The Krusty Krab(Wii)

HOTROD Unlock a bonus vehicle in the Diesel Dreaming level.
HOVER Alternate Plankton hovercraft.
LASER Extra laser color in Revenge Of The Giant Plankton level.
ROCKET Extra rocket for Patrick in Hypnotic Highway level.
SPONGE Play as Punk SpongeBob in Diesel Dreaming level.
PIRATE Play as Pirate Patrick in Rooftop Rumble level.
SPACE Unlock bonus ship in the Rocket Rodeo level.
PANTS Play as SpongeBob Plankton in Super-Size Patty level.
ROBOT Astronaut suit for Plankton in Revenge of the Giant Plankton
ROCFISH 30.000 Z-Coins
PATRICK Unlock tuxedo for Patrick in Starfishman to the Rescue
VIGOR Infinite Health (in platforming levels)
GASSY Infinite Fuel(in Flying levels)
GUDGEON Unlock all levels
TISSUE Obtain Sleepy Seed Detector
SCOOTLES Obtain all sleepy seeds
PORKPIE Unlock all bonus games
INVENT Get Inventor Plankton costume
PILOT Get Aviator Spongebob costume
KRABBY Get Skeleton Spongebob costume
BRAIN Get Exposed-Brain Spongebob costume
SAFARI Get Safari Patrick costume
BONES Get Skeleton Patrick costume
HYPCAR Get Spongebob's Hypnotic car skin
BUNRUN Get Patrick's purple rocket
FLAMES Get Spongebob's flame effect color
SPIN Get Patrick's different POW! effect
DUCKGUN Get Spongebob's Squeaky Duck Gun.Masih banyak cheat lagi!!